If you've been stressed out the last few days and can't put your finger on why, you may want to blame the sun! (I know, hard to believe because we haven't actually seen it in days!)

I've been a stressed out, head case for almost two weeks and I can't put my finger on just why.  Am I having panic attacks again because I'm overwhelmed with wedding planning? Am I tired because I'm training for the Lake Lowell Marathon and have been putting in a ton training miles? I mean both of those make perfect sense, but I've talked to friends from all walks of life who are experiencing the same feelings without being able to pinpoint why.  They're not wedding planning and running, so what gives?

According to Health Nut News, an increased number of people across the world are experiencing feelings of anxiety/nervousness for no clear reason, exhausting, pressure headaches and lack of focus over the past few weeks.  It may have something to do with the increased number of solar winds and flares coming off the sun right now.  It's a proven fact that those types of solar storms affect the earth's electromagnetic fields, causing some hiccups with radio signals, GPS systems and other electronics.

It's widely believed that the solar flares can mess with electromagnetic fields running through people's bodies as well.  Those in that school of thought believe that the interference can throw off your circadian rhythms and alter how much natural melatonin your body produces, which can upset your sleep cycle.  In some cases, it might cause nightmares (and I had a lot of really, really weird ones last week.  I kept waking up sweaty and with my heartbeat racing.) Disruptions from solar flare energy might mess with your nervous system and throw you into a perpetual "fight or flight" state, making you feel on edge, anxious or otherwise stressed out. Your memory and focus fall victim too.

We can't just make the sun go away, so how can you fight these symptoms so you can get back to functioning as normally as possible? The team at Elephant Journal wants you to focus on staying hydrated with filtered water, taking salt water baths (well, I'm running 20 miles on Saturday so I was already planning on an Epsom salt bath anyway) and avoiding unnecessary amounts of caffeine or alcohol.  Taking some time to meditate on your feelings and unplugging from technology can also help bring you back to center.

The good news? We're closing in on the end of this round of solar storms.  They started on March 21 and are predicted to end on or around March 26.

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