Baby shark do do do do do coming to Salt Lake City do do do do do dooo...

On July 9 was announced that Baby Shark Live is going to be touring for the next three years. How they'll manage to make a whole show out of a two and a half minute song, I'm still not sure, but I know it's doable. Along with the announcement of a tour, the creators released the first 35 dates of the tour.

Lucky for baby shark lovers in Idaho, what appears to be the first leg--or fin of the tour, is stopping in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 23. They even have meet and greets available too. It hasn't been announced when tickets will be open for public sale (right now it's just presale), but you can sign up to get all the details here.

As for if our Idahoan who made the viral video will be on the tour--we haven't heard yet. You can watch the video below to see her...and annoy whoever is sitting nearby you so they have the song stuck in their head, by pressing play below.

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