⚠️ Important Idaho Auto Info

Back in 2022, data released by the Idaho Transportation Department confirmed 5,245 auto accidents occurred between January and April of 2022. Out of the more than 5,000 crashes, 22 were classified as fatal, and 23 Idahoans were killed. Issued by the National Highway Safety Administration, data from the Idaho FY2021 Highway Safety Plan indicated Idaho led the nation in car crash fatalities the previous year in 2021.

According to the report, between January and September of 2020, Idaho's incidence of auto accidents increased as much as 36% as compared to the nation's overall increase of just 12%. Between January and September of 2021, the Idaho State Journal reported more than 200 Idahoans were killed in auto collisions and various traffic-related accidents.

❄️ Winter is Coming 

When coupled with snowfall and icy roads, Idaho's driving record is far removed from ideal. Then there's the issue of Idaho's implant influx. Over 40% of Idaho transplants are from California—a state that's quite unfamiliar with inclement driving conditions.

No disrespect to Idaho's Cali transplants, but driving through sleet, ice, fog, and hydroplanes isn't their calling. But California natives can't shoulder all the blame for Idaho's poor driving record. Idahoans and transplants alike wreak havoc on Gem State roads. Listed below are three reasons why winter driving in Idaho is the worst!

☹️ 3 Reasons Why Winter Driving in Idaho is the Worst!

1. Break-Checkers. Folks who didn't grow up driving through blizzards are world-class break-checkers. Unfortunately, they check themselves until they wreck themselves or other drivers on the road. As we've seen time and again, hesitation on the road can lead to accidents and treacherous outcomes.

2. Unzipped. There's something about Idaho snowfall that brings out the worst in some drivers. From the moment the first snow flake hits the ground, people are even less inclined to implement the Zipper Method. An otherwise pleasant road can turn into a traffic nightmare when it cuts down to one lane. Zipper, friends.

3. Slowpokes. The only thing more frustrating than break-checking, unzipped drivers are those who drive too slowly in the snow! Friends, driving too slowly in inclement winter weather can be as, or even more, dangerous than cruising along at normal speed. Maybe take side streets if you're uncomfortable driving the speed limit in snowy weather.

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