About the time I think I've figured out how to feed my family healthy meals the rules change.


According to the experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) we are setting ourselves and our families up for developing cancer if we feed them horses, goats, full grown or baby cows, pigs and lamb.  Lunch meat, hot dogs and jerky of all types are also on the "do not serve" list.

I like to absorb knowledge like this when it comes out and balance it with how realistic and affordable it is in the real world.   Over the last few years I have started cooking more from scratch with an emphasis on veggies and avoiding things with a list of additives and preservatives a mile long.   Will I cut out all red meat?  No.  However, my mother in law died from colon cancer and my husband has a form of lymphoma that is in remission so studies like this do get my attention.

All the news outlets are creating stories and inserting their own opinions and angles about the new cancer scare that WHO released.   I tracked down the original report so that you can read it and form your own opinion click here to see it.