I’m so excited, actually just a little giddy.  I watch her show religiously on TLC and now she’s coming to Boise!

Theresa Caputo is coming to the Morrison Center June 10th at tickets go on-sale tomorrow morning (Friday, April 11th).  Click here to get connected before they sell out!

Fondly known as the Long Island Medium, I love her straight forwardness and belief that everyone has special “powers” to talk to spirits.

When psychic medium John Edward was here in October, I went to his show.  It was crazy because towards the end he was getting messages from the “other-side.”  At one point he looked straight at me and said, is there an Elizabeth in the house.  I panicked as that’s my given birth name.  Nobody else said a word, sold out crowd, you could have heard a pin drop and I froze.  I knew it was my Mom saying Hi.  The feeling in my stomach was indescribable.  I didn’t get to say goodbye when she passed.  My plane had just taken off from Boise direct to Portland.  She passed when I was in the air.  I know my Mom is with me every day.   I miss her so much!

Maybe she can channel through Theresa and we can have a little chat, my Mom and I, on June 10th.  I can’t wait!

All next week I’ll have a chance for you to win your way in to see Theresa Caputo, Live at the Morrison Center.  It’ll happen Monday through Friday at 8:30AM with 107.9 Lite FM’s Easiest Contest in the World.  Good luck!

Make it a healthy day!