Eagle Mobile Home Park Flooding Pictures
The Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park in Eagle is truly under water.  They're in what's called the Boise River Bowl.  A pocket between both sides of the Boise River that flooded big time with all the rain we had yesterday.
Which 5A Team Makes The State Championship?
Good news for all the local 5A Football teams as they advance to the Idaho Football 5A Semifinals.  So who goes on to the championship?  Will Mountain View beat Eagle?  Who wins between Rocky Mountain and Capital?  Vote below high school fans!
Bike Riding on the Greenbelt (2)
Kody, my youngest son and I went bike riding on the greenbelt.  We started at the Quiznos in Eagle with Kody wearing a Gopro.  Here is some more video of our ride.
The Real Colors On The Greenbelt
I decided to take a bike ride and get the real colors of fall on the greenbelt.  It turned into quite a ride, which included me riding on the left side down McMillian, between Meridian and Locust Grove, just to save my life.
Let's start with riding on the side of the road facing traffic...

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