With age comes wisdom and the chance to take care of all those little things that might give away just how old we really are.   My motto is if you still kinda feel like a kid on the inside why can't you also look youthful on the outside too?

I recently went to Rejuv Medspa and got the chance to experience the Venus Legacy.  I almost dozed off a couple of times because the whole procedure was so relaxing and felt like a warm facial massage.   The Venus Legacy does some amazing stuff with magnets and electrical impulses, I don't really understand all the technology behind it, but it really is kinda like a mini facelift.

I will be giving away a $25 Rejuv Medspa gift card Monday - if you'd like to get in on the drawing just let me know in the comment section below.  Make sure you join our VIP Club for the chance to win a Great Escape Spa package.