Until yesterday I lived in the Dark Ages. I had never been to "The Counter".  Until the last few weeks when Brenda told me about them, I had never payed attention to what "The Counter" was. To me it was the place where we had to put food in the middle so the dogs wouldn't take it when we turn our backs.  .


I totally feel like a rube from the stix, right now. Why? Because I went to "The Counter"  for lunch yesterday and found out why everyone who has ever been there loves the place.  Now I'm not talking like, it's love. "The Counter" has a 96% LOVE rating from people who have eaten there. How many anything have a 96% LOVE rating.  Aside from my poodles, there is nothing in my life that loves me 96% of the time.  Sorry Brenda, but I know there are times you want to strangle me.

"The Counter" is one of those cool places that started on the west coast and finally we have one here in Meridian in The Village at Meridian.


I'm a burger fanatic, I love food in general, but I really love hamburgers.  "The Counter" has over a thousand ways to fix your hamburger.  You could go in three times a day all year and never have the same thing twice if you wanted.  The beef is free of hormones and antibiotics.

There is more than hamburger at "The Counter," they have ground turkey, chicken, veggie burgers, tuna, market selections and organic bison.  For those of you who haven't tried bison yet. it's an even more healthy and really tasty red meat.  I used to work at a bison ranch and you really can't tell the taste between bison and beef. Here is a link to the menu.

I go out to eat for a fun experience and that's what I had at "The Counter."  I built my own burger and it came out just the way I imagined it, there was so much I had to take half of it home and I ordered the smallest one there was.  I also had the Parmesan Fries,  OOOOhhhhh gggoooodddd lllloooorrrrddd, they were incredible.

"The Counter" has 4 big flat screen TV's and will be playing your favorite ball games including Boise State.  The staff are fun, relaxed and there to make your day.  They stay open late on weekends and have daily specials along with happy hours.  They also have the "beerfloat", now I'm not the biggest beer fan but it was really fun.

"The Counter" is in the Village at Meridian and is a great place for a date, on it's own or before or after a movie.  "The Counter" is also a fun place for the whole family.  I know I'm kind of gushing about it, but I have to say after my first visit, I Love "The Counter."

I've told you about them now it's all up to you.

Kevin Mee