Saturday night about 9pm the crew from "Ghostumentary," Brenda, Kody, Alicia and the great ghost hunter...Me, will be invading Owyhee Lanes in Homedale.  We are also going to have a psychic/clairvoyant who will be joining in.

Monday, Kody (our youngest son) and I made a trip to check out what we would be walking in to.  The place hasn't changed much over the years and there are regular guests who drink coffee and spend time talking about life. It's an old fashioned, Mom and Pop, type place.  The lanes were built in the late 50's and the restaurant in the early 60's, so there have been quite a few generations go through.

According to Linda the owner, there are things that happen every day.  In the diner part, things get thrown, stuff moves and it isn't in a playful way.  In the bowling alley it's more of a prankster nature.

There's even activity in the woman's restroom, where the door will open and close on it's own, the door is spring closed and takes effort to open.

As Kody and I were talking with Vern (Linda's Husband) and an Owyhee County Sheriff, Kody froze.  He looked at us then back at the door to the woman's restroom. Kody and Vern went to the bowling ally side and inspected the area. When they came back, Kody explained that he saw the door open and then close like someone had let it go. I saw the door close the last six or so inches. There wasn't anyone near the ladies room or even on that side of the building.

With that happening during the time we were there, Saturday night looks to be an exciting one.  You will be able to watch it on Tomorrow I will have full instructions on what and how to get the App.  Basically, I want our computer guru to make sure I'm giving you the right info.

Kevin Mee