New Restaurant is Open Now in Downtown Boise
You may have noticed the construction and renovation progress downtown, and all of that has paid off for a brand new sandwich shop that's really good at pairing sandwiches with specialty lemonades. After the grand opening yesterday, this is day two.
Boise Restaurant Chips in for Harvey Relief
Barbecue lovers might agree that some sausage and brisket can be a godsend on a normal day, and now in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that has even deeper meaning.

Operation BBQ Relief to the rescue, and one Boise restaurant needs our help with the effort.
The Most Underrated Restaurant in Idaho is in Boise
We've all got a favorite spot that flies under the radar and doesn't get the buzz that other restaurants do, and maybe we're kinda glad because it's our little secret. Until now.
The most underrated restaurant in Idaho just happens to be in Boise.
New Restaurant Opens Monday in Boise
It's going to be a modern take on Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, and it's opening to the public on Monday, January 9th.
The chef behind the restaurant plans to use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.
How Does Your Restaurant Stand Up to Inspection
I thought about doing an article rating restaurants on their health department score, then found out the health department here doesn't hand out a score. CDC has a 1-46 scoring system, where each number relates to an infraction. So if your favorite place has a 1, 17, 33 and 41, there are four d…
Ghost Hunt Video from Owyhee Lanes
I know it was Halloween when we did this, but our youngest son Kody is a film maker not just a video taker.  He spent hours going over the hours of video and got it down to the best.  This will not only give you an idea of the atmosphere, but what really did happen...
Was it a Ghost?
I've been going through hours of video from our Halloween ghost hunt at Owyhee Lanes and Restaurant.  After awhile your eyes start to cross, you think about nodding off and then "Bam" it happens.
This is off the static camera we set up.  It was from a Gopro...

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