Hey everyone! Long time no blog am I right?

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Women Ignite Idaho Conference at the Century Link Arena here in Boise. Not gonna lie, I was not to excited to go. I have attended different conferences in the past and never could pay attention mainly due to the fact that they were long and I don't like sitting in the same seat for a long time.

This one was different. Sheli Gartman, who organized this conference, set the schedule to accommodate someone like me who gets fidgety after 45 minutes. We would listen to one or two speakers and then have a break to mingle, network, and visit the vendors' booths.

The speakers were incredible. I promise I am not exaggerating. They were inspiring, motivating, and cared about that they were talking about. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to listen to all of the speakers, but the ones that I did listen to did a great job captivating the audience.

If you get a chance to attend a conference like this, I say do it! You may be hesitant or not want to spend the money, but you won't regret it. There is information on the speakers under the Women Ignite tab on liteonline.com if you are interested learning more or want to maybe read one of their stories. Take time for yourself and remember, "I am Enough."