Dinosaurs That Used to Roam Idaho
These days we might look off to the side of I-84 and see a deer or two, but Idaho wildlife managers say dinosaurs used to roam those same green space. And some of them were huge!
35 Science Facts That Are Wrong
Brenda won't play Trivial Pursuit with me, she seems to think I memorize the questions.  We got a 70's Trivial Pursuit game one time and Brenda grabbed it before it was opened.  She made sure I didn't see any of the cards or even touch them...
Hobbit And Hunger Games Movie Trailers
I'm a science fiction geek.  The first science fiction movie I remember was "Forbidden Planet" which would give life to "Robbie the Robot", I was hooked.  From "The Nutty Professor" to "Star Wars", I love science …