A New Idaho Power Scam Alert
This is a new, local scam you'll want to be aware of.
Idaho Power posted on their Facebook Page:
Attention Idaho Power business customers: A new scam is afoot. People posing as Idaho Power are calling and demanding power bill payment over the phone...
Watch Out For This Jury Duty Scam
If you received a call recently saying you would be arrested if you didn't pay up, you're not alone. A caller told me that the police were on their way over to my house right that minute, because I refused to pay.  Here's what you need to know about the latest scam hitting Ada Co…
More Information on Your Credit Scores
I just got off the line with Credco, a third party that gets credit scores to lenders and found out we can't get our true credit score at all. Only a mortgage or credit company can get the scores.
What! You got to be kidding me. It's our information and the industry is keeping it secret...
It Looks Like a Great Big Scam
So I was mad at Experian for the stupidly low credit score they gave us that cost us a refinance on our mortgage and I went on a bit of a rant yesterday, but then I started digging deeper and found a great big SCAM.
Hear The IRS Scam Call, Here
I was at Axiom in Meridian yesterday, when I got a scam call (Silly Scammers)  so I recorded the call and then proceeded to call both the number they left.
The Newest Scam To Get Your Info
We had a phone call from a 1-800 number, as a matter of fact it was 1-800-272-9440.  Now along with that we also got a text that read,
So I replied No!  That's when we got a call from 1-800-272-9440 and a text telling us to call that number right away...
This Is What A Scam Looks Like
I got this in my email and wanted to share it with you.  It looks legit and face it if you need money it can be really enticing.  Now here is the but part, it's a complete scam to not only get money from you but also your information.
If you get something in an email or a phone call th…