Mother’s Day Is a Great Time to Celebrate Uniqueness
Happy Mother's Day!  Got a quirky mom?  This weekend we're celebrating the quirks, the playfulness, the discipline, the organization, and thoughtfulness, and the love.
And the most important things our moms have ever done for us.  Here's mine.
My Life With Cancer (The Whole Story)
Tuesday night during the "State of the Union" address, President Obama pushed for researchers to find a cure for Cancer.  Since 2005, I've had and have cancer.  I have a form of Lymphoma that is incurable. I've fought it without chemotherapy even though I was to…
My Life With Cancer Question
Desiray, wrote on Facebook asking where she could see the rest of my story about "My Life With Cancer."  I've been writing my story about the last 11 years in small chapters, so you can check in each day.  I thought about putting all the chapters on at once, but deci…
My Life With Cancer Part 21
When doctors want something they are relentless, especially when it comes to money and insurance.  OK, maybe not the doctors themselves so much as the administration of the hospital. My refusing Chemo was costing the hospital anywhere from twenty to one hundred thousand dollars; it's big business.  …
My Life With Cancer Part 20
The protocol for treating Lymphoma is Chemo, stem cell transplants, radiation and of course surgery.  So I knew they would be pushing the other three since I'd already gone through the Surgery part.  Since I had gone through the various scans, they knew exactly where the tumors were, …
My Life With Cancer Part 19
I was in Ryan's (Dr. Cole) office when we found out the results of the test from the Pentagon....Nope not it.  I was deflated.  I had 5 tumors and they weren't an infection. In the immortal words of Captain Jack Sparrow,  AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG...
My Life With Cancer (Part 18)
As the spring turned into summer we started on a journey to find out what I actually had.  Ryan started looking into every different kind of infection that would cause the bumps, we looked at things, common and some uncommon.

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