Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Loves Idaho
While some outsiders don't get it, those of us who call the Treasure Valley home know how incredible our region is.  Aaron Paul recently shared how much he loves his hometown.
Aaron Paul Premieres New Movie
Aaron Paul packed the Egyptian Theater in Downtown Boise for a screening of his brand new flick, "Triple 9". Fans got a chance to catch it two days before its world wide release, as well as see the man himself. Check out all the photos below...
Boise Triple 9 Scavenger Hunt
Aaron Paul will be hiding tickets all around Boise (possibly today - def tomorrow) for his "Triple 9" advance movie screening party at the Egyptian Wednesday.  Want tickets?  Check this out:
Breaking Bad Dolls. Would You Buy These For Kids?
Breaking Bad was, and continues to be, one of the biggest shows among adults. Just to be clear: Adults. When it was announced that Toys R Us was carrying the 'Breaking Bad' dolls complete with 'apparatus', I was like, excusemecomeagain? Parents, look over your kids' Christma…