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The Real Cost of Driving Under the Influence in Idaho
It sure would be a lot more fun to spend around $20,000 on a car than it would be to spend that same amount on fines and legal costs after driving drunk in one. That can be the real cost of a DWI in Idaho, and it serves as a warning heading into a weekend full of holiday parties.
Your Treasure Valley Holiday Tipping Guide
Most of us don't live buildings with a doorman so we can skip that, but we should be tipping landlords, delivery drivers, and handymen this holiday season. How much? And how do we get the tip into the hands of the trash collector without getting run over?
A LITE-FM Christmas Wish for Eva
LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. Our eighth wish went to Eva, a mom who's dealing with quite a few health problems in the family and had the scariest day of her life just a few weeks ago.

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