Every Monday is like a surprise to me. I'm never ready for the rush that is the workweek. This week, though, I decided to take control. It started with planning my family's meals. This sounds so small but having the week all planned gets my head in order and allows me to do other things. I'm sharing in case you are just like me.


I downloaded a free printable menu (off Pinterest, of course) and then started searching for meals that would take me very little time. I like to eat good food but I don't like to spend my time cooking. I'd rather be doing about 5 billion other things. Especially when it's still so nice outside.


You certainly don't have to eat what we're eating each night (we may not, either) but it gives us all a starting point.


Click the links to find the printables and recipes. We shall conquer this week!


  • Free Printable Weekly Menu
  • Steak (skirt steak) and sweet potatoes (I microwave my potatoes and then add Laughing Cow cinnamon cheese to the top)
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken with wild rice (from a box) and black beans (from a can with hot sauce over the top)
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches (crockpot) with coleslaw (bag of cabbage mixed with coleslaw dressing) and macaroni & cheese (noodles with shredded cheese - melted)
  • Homemade Pizzas (pre-made dough in a bag with pizza sauce added and our favorite toppings with cheese - follow baking instructions on dough)
  • Salmon with Garlic Herb Butter, green beans and tomatoes (one - dish recipe)


How do you prep for the week?