One I was told I had cancer, I decided to fight it every way I could that wouldn't involve making by body sick with poison.  I know I'm not a doctor but it doesn't make much sense to kill a whole yard to get rid of a few weeds.  The healthier you yard the fewer weeds you have, shouldn't that sort of theory work for humans.  You don't go bald from the cancer, you go bald from the chemo killing your body while it kills or tries to kill your cancer.

In part 30, you found out about a few supplements I take.  This one is about working out.

Medicine is finding that workouts make cancer treatments more effective.  MISTI has added a trainer for cancer patients, he is one of two in the state that are Cancer Certified. I believe making the body sweat through exercise is a key element. Your lymph nodes are kind of like the garbage pails of the body, so you not only have to sweat to get them clear of toxins, but to keep them effective so make those babies cry.

Cancer also loves fat, the more fat the bigger the party.  Being a former fatty, and yes I can say that because I was a big pile of goo, I now crave workouts.  Brenda will tell me to go to the gym because I'm being grumpy from missing too many. Axiom is my therapy zone and yes I will talk to you.

Working out doesn't come natural, your body wants to be lazy, it hates when you make it sweat, it hurts and smell funny.  It takes time to crave workouts, you have to keep at it.  You have to push yourself, it didn't take overnight to get those rolls, it will take longer than overnight to get rid of them.

Here is a starting workout that everyone can do and if you follow what I give you in the next post, you will lose an average of 2-4 pounds of fat per week.  Use a treadmill, no running just walking, but you have to take the incline all the way up and keep it up.  You will spend at least 30 minutes a day walking uphill at a speed of 3.0-3.5mph.  By having the incline all the way up, you activate every muscle in your lower body, so you can't burn muscle no matter where your heart rate is and it will be up.

After a few weeks, you start adding things to make your workout harder, like walking 4 minutes at 3.0-3.5mph then doing a light run at 7.0mph for one minute.   Yes you will hate me but you can do it and remember, always have the incline all the way up.  As soon as you start to crave this workout, add weight training, but not until.  If you want more ideas contact me or get with a trainer who is certified.