Strike a blow against cancer at this year's holiday dinners by spooning out double helpings of bread stuffing.

Scientists have proven that the crusts are full of antioxidants, the chemicals that combat cancer-causing biochemical reactions in the body.

Healthy-minded cooks should make sure they load up on crusts while making stuffing for the turkey. Bread crusts contain eight times' more of the antioxidant pronyl-lysine than the rest of the loaf, say German researchers who published their findings in the Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry. Surprisingly, the anti-cancer compound didn't even exist in the original flower, which means it was created in baking.

Pronyl-lysine increases the body's level of phase II enzymes, which have been identified as successful cancer-fighters. And darker breads like pumpernickel and whole wheat pack more antioxidant punch than whiter breads.  

Source: Netscape/Yahoo