I see your challenge, friends, and I accept! After seeing all of your epic Ice Bucket Challenge dumps, I figured it was going to be a very simple thing to do. Turns out, there's much more that goes into it. If you haven't done yours yet, I have listed some rules that, I've discovered, are pretty important. 


If you're still keeping an eye on your Facebook notifications just knowing you're going to be tagged in the next Ice Bucket Challenge video, I have a few rules for you...we'll call them "tips".


  1. Plan your outfit. I didn't think of this until the water had touched the top of my head -WHAT COLOR SHIRT AM I WEARING?!?! Just remember that you are pouring a ton of cold water over your head which gets your whole body wet. Wear dark colors and nothing too clingy. Any mistake in this department and your video takes on a whole new meaning ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.
  2. It's all in the bucket. At first, I had grabbed a flimsy bucket we had near the back door. One attempt to pick it up when it was full of water and I knew I was going to end up on the Bucket List Challenge fail video reel. I quickly found a bucket with rigid sides so I could efficiently do the dumping.
  3. Inform your partner. My son (who proudly made that tie-dye shirt at camp) helped me with my dump. We had watched videos prior to our own dump so we knew what the heck to do. He was so excited that I was totally expecting him to douse me before it was time. While not the worst thing in the world, it's really tough to think when your head is an ice cube. Come up with a plan if you're getting help.
  4. Stay grounded. Find a place where the ground will not get slippery. I've watched all the fail videos and people are in the shower or on tile and they face-plant. It's hilarious - just don't let it be you. Unless you want that - send me your video if you do it because that sort of thing makes me laugh HARD!
  5. Remember the point. The Ice Bucket Challenge is to raise awareness for ALS. So, while dumping water on our head is fun (kind of), donations are important for the association. Some people can't donate so spreading the word is just as valuable. If you can, though, I encourage you to do so.
  6. Test your shot. You'll want to pour freezing cold water over you just once. It's a major bummer if you do it and you weren't recording, you were out of shot or you can't hear yourself. Give it a quick test before you do your official dump.
If you've done it, what other "Rules" would you add to this list?


The idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge going viral is fascinating to me. I am always interested to see how things start and why we all think it's a good idea. Turns out, the concept is brilliant. The Huffington Post explains why.


Now, from the random files, Kelly Clarkson did her challenge and it was the first time we've seen her since having her little girl, River. I dig Kelly because I feel she's just like us. She's real and relate-able like crazy. Plus, she's adorable in this video.