Typically, I’m the type of person that spends WAY more than they care to admit on their Halloween costume. That’s primarily because when I’m looking for my costume, I know that I’ll end up wearing it on Halloween and for Comic Con a few months later.

I wanted to give Goodwill a shot after sitting through a cosplay panel this summer. During the panel, they talked about something called “closet cosplay.” The ideas is that once you picked out an item you already had in your closet, with a little bit of creativity you could build an entire costume around it with affordable items from secondhand stores like Goodwill.

Goodwill's online costume generator made that even easier. I loved that you could play with it ahead of time on your laptop or pull it up easily on your smart phone while you’re at the store. I found some cool pieces for a great witch costume. (I’m re-watching American Horror Story: Coven right now, so that’s kind of where my head’s at).

I also saw some cool things that (with the right makeup at home) will work for a few zombie costumes. Goodwill also has some great Halloween DIY video tutorials online here, including this one for a zombie costume.

I loved that they had some pre-packaged costumes as well! When you look at the original price on those versus what Goodwill was actually selling them for, you could really see your savings adding up. The accessories were anywhere between $1.50 and $4, so it was super affordable to really bring your costume to the next level.

If you dress up a lot, parts of your costume break, get damaged or lost over the years.  Goodwill’s got a ton of things that you can replace those pieces with for pennies compared to what you paid in the first place!

I'm still working on my final Halloween costume, so check back later to see what I ended up putting together!

One final thought: I don’t have any kids of my own, but if you’re a parent who has 0 sewing skills, Goodwill’s definitely the first place to stop. Their selection of pre-packaged costumes for kids was even more expansive than the adult section.

Goodwill is even hosting Kids' Day on Oct. 13. (Click here for details)