This problem comes up every Easter -  would you say something or just let it go?

Kevin and Brenda here is my situation:

I have three kids they are 2 and a half, 5 and 7 years old.  Each year for Easter I put a lot of thought and care into creating Easter baskets for them.   I am a stay at home mom and because of that our budget is somewhat limited so I try to be creative with what we can afford so our kids Easter baskets are kinda small but they are filled with special things that they like.  My problem is my mother in law.  I love her and we get along but every Easter she always shows up with huge pre made store bought Easter baskets for our kids.  I think it's insensitive to all the work I put into the small baskets I made.  I also think it confuses the kids because they already got a basket from the Easter Bunny.  I wouldn't mind if she gave the kids Easter gifts.  I just wish she wouldn't give them baskets.   My husband doesn't think this is a big deal and he doesn't understand why this bugs me and he refuses to even say anything to his Mother about it.  Should I say something to my mother in law or just let it go?  If you think I should speak up what should I say?

Thank you ,

Some Bunnies Mom

(Mom requested that we not use her real name)