Round 2 voting is here and we have 50 of the most beautiful, cuddly and personality rich babies for you to choose from. Only YOU can choose our top twelve Baby Superstars so vote now!

Round 2 of voting for Baby Superstar will begin Monday, April 14th at 8:00am and will be open through Friday, April 18th at 3:00pm. The top 12 Superstars will make it to the finale! Your superstars are split into four categories. Click on the heading to vote within that category.

Gabryelah Zoee Garcia

Oliver Thurston

Parker Critell

Venita Miley

Bailee Anderson

Colton Pickett

Zayne Barks

Jayna Baker

Ryder Dobbs

Kymber Greeson

Kat Daniels

Corbin Ramage

Harrison Brady

Mabel Nagel

Lennon Johnson

Maxen Rudd

Aurora June Madsen

Cole Greiner

Ethan Jarrel

Giana Oare

Lee Wangsgard

Zayden Salinas

Lexi Hardy

Colt Indiana Johnson

Aiden Tisher

Jacobie Boles

Makynzie Wardle

Jura Paitsel

Skyler Doty

Peyton Palomo

Robert St. Claire

Rylee Proffitt

Lane Pape

Daltyn Wardle

Louie Quilantan

Michael Grigg

Ford Hickey

Lydia Sweet

Zelda Arnold

Aria Guzman

Rylan Thomas

Amara Logan

Rylan Phillips

Claire Bleazard

Ryleigh Mariah Nelson

Cruz Skower

Jaydon Dena

Rosalie Cisneros

Griffin Anderson

Rosemary Milburn