I knew this all along!  I could park our family car better than my dad could when he was teaching meto drive! Women can park a car better than men. And that's not all. Women are better than men at finding parking spaces.

A British study graded each person who parked on seven key components of driving styles and found that in general, women were more adept at maneuvering into a space than were men.

Getty Images: Justin Sullivan

  • Women were more accurate in lining up their vehicle before starting each maneuver.
  • 52 percent of women aligned their car in the middle of the parking space, compared with just 25 percent of men.
  • 39 percent of women were able to cleanly back up into a parking space, compared with just 28 percent of men.
  • Men tended to be less patient than women, which caused them to miss open spaces.
  • Women had a slower approach to parking, but this allowed them to better find open spaces and see when another driver was about to vacate a space. But men do excel at some things:
  • Men were more skilled at driving forward into a parking space.
  • Men were more confident overall, that is, fewer men than women opted to reposition the car once it was parked.
  • Men parked faster, taking 16 seconds, on average, compared with the 21 seconds women needed to complete the maneuver.