Sometimes things are just meant to be.  The stars line up, circumstances fall into place, and life works out perfectly.

On that note, in this silly little trash-talkin' blog, see why the Panthers don't have a chance this Sunday!

Peyton Manning has had an amazing career.  I've followed him since Tennessee when my alma mater, Nebraska Cornhuskers, beat him in the 1998 Orange Bowl, and part of me actually wanted the Volunteers to win that game because I liked Peyton so much and wanted him to succeed.  He's smart, respectful of the game, and determined to always try his best.  People like that are inspirational.

Now Peyton has scratched and clawed his way to another Super Bowl, even though this wasn't his best season, and it just seems like everything is coming together for him to go out on top, and end his career on the ultimate high note.  Everyone thinks this Sunday will be his last game.  It's the 50th Super Bowl, which is a big milestone, and a legendary quarterback will win it just because it's the perfect ending to a great football story.  He'll throw three touchdowns, no interceptions, and he'll hoist the Lombardi trophy and shed a tear at the end, and millions will applaud a great career and be happy for that moment. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.

Other certainties about the Super Bowl, according to me and this silly blog:

Cam Newton is fun to watch.

Michael Oher of The Blind Side fame kinda makes us want to cheer for the Panthers and if Carolina wins it would be the perfect ending to his fairytale story.  Oh dear.

The snacks will be yummy.

The commercials will include lots of puppies and horses.

Have fun, and go Broncos!

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