I wrote about this late last year but new information drastically changes who we thought was the biggest land owner in Idaho. "With an area of 83,570 square miles (216,400 km2), Idaho is the 11th largest state by land area" -Wikipedia

Successful Farming shared an update on the largest land owners in the United States, "With almost 269,000 acres, Bill Gates retained his ranking as America’s largest private farmland owner. Liberty Media Chairman John Malone ranked No. 2 with 2.2 million acres of ranchland out West and timberland holdings in the Northeast. Washington’s Reed Family ranked No. 3 with 2.1 million acres."

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, The LDS Church "From thousands of acres of farmlands to thousands of places of worship and from shiny commercial enclaves in urban centers to flowing fields in swelling suburbs, a newly released list shows The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns U.S. properties valued at nearly $16 billion and ranks the Utah-based faith among the nation’s top private landholders. Found in the church’s portfolio — along with the expected meetinghouses and temples — are office towers, shopping centers, residential skyscrapers, cattle ranches and high-mountain timberlands worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is by far the largest land owner in Idaho according to new information released by Truth and Transparency. They break down how much land the Mormon church owns by state or city. Click here to learn more about what and where they own land in Idaho.

Idaho Statesman says, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns nearly 60,000 acres of land in Idaho worth at least $128.4 million, according to a new set of data."

Second and third place for largest land owners in Idaho is close, each with over 40,000 acres. Oregon Live says that J.R. Simplot, "started at 16, purchasing buying 5,000 acres in Idaho's Raft River Valley for 50 cents an acre. {At this point} Simplot either doesn't know how much land he owns or simply won't say, but the leased portions of his holdings exceed 3 million acres {around the country} -- a land mass nearly the size of Connecticut."

So how much does the Simplot family own in Idaho? The magazine The Land Report, recently listed the top 100 land owners in the U.S. The Simplot family "Own 422,164 acres, or about 660 square miles, more than eight times the size of Boise."

According to the World Population Review website, "The Holding Family is the largest landowner in Idaho, with over 400,000 acres including the Sun Valley Ski Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Coming in in 4th place is for the most land owned in Idaho is Frank VanderSloot who is also known as the richest man in Idaho, read more on that here. As far as his land ownership, BoisePublicRadio says "Though VanderSloot’s company sells personal care products, he also raises horses and cattle on his 110,448 acres."

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