You know a great boss when you have one. This is the person who encourages you, challenges you, supports you and makes you laugh every once in a while. Inc. magazine posits this theory: When bosses consistently do the five things listed below, the results they want from both their employees and their business will follow. Could it really be that easy? "Remarkable bosses aren't great on paper," writes Jeff Haden in Inc. "Great bosses are remarkable based on their actions." The top five qualities of the very best bosses:

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1. Develop every employee
Every successful manager needs great employees. "Without great employees, no amount of focus on goals and targets will ever pay off," says Haden. "Employees can only achieve what they are capable of achieving, so it's your job to help all your employees be more capable so they--and your business--can achieve more." What the best bosses do: Provide training, mentoring and opportunities employees need and deserve. Instead of worrying about meeting or beating performance goals, develop employees' skills. Achieving the goals is a natural outcome of that.

2. Deal with problems immediately

When problems are not immediately addressed, employee morale, motivation and enthusiasm suffer. This is also distracting, because problems don't solve themselves and could grow into something bigger. When you ignore problems, your employees lose respect for you. Without respect, you can't lead. What the best bosses do: Deal with every issue and problem head on. Never assume someone else will solve your problems.

3. Rescue your worst employee
Every business has at least one employee who has fallen out of favor. He may have failed at a big project or lost her cool in a meeting or just can't keep up with the workload. That person is viewed as the weak link. What the best bosses do: Before you fire him, put your full effort into rescuing him. Work together to find ways to make him successful. Express your confidence and be reassuring. And make sure you have his back every step of the way.

4. Serve others, not yourself
As much as possible, put your employees in the spotlight--not you. "Your glory should always be reflected, never direct," says Haden. "When employees excel, you and your business excel. You were just doing your job the way a remarkable boss should." What the best bosses do: Consistently act as if your employees are more important than you are, and never ask them to do something you don't do.

5. Always remember where you came from
You are the boss. People look up to you, especially new employees. They may even be in awe of you--just because you are the one who is in charge.

What the best bosses do: Take time to talk to your employees. Inspire them, reassure them, motivate them. "In the eyes of his or her employees, a remarkable boss is a star," says Haden. "Remember where you came from, and be gracious with your stardom."