The Boise National Forest is on the list.  What would you add?

The Idaho Travel Guide video says the Boise National Forest is the 12th most popular spot to visit in Idaho.

Does living close to a tourist draw make it less special?  This could also be known as the "perhaps-we've-been-taking-it-for-granted-this-whole-time" list.

The World Center of Birds of Prey makes the list and so does the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot.

The Boise River Greenbelt is 6th on the list, and I love it when fitness and great scenery come together, don't you?  That would be my top pick.  But Craters of the Moon is actually #1.  That's not a spoiler.  I'm just trying to save you some time in case you don't want to watch the video.  Just helping make your day more efficient.

Don't we kinda want to keep the greatness of these things a secret so our favorite spots don't get too crowded?   Sharing is probably the nicest approach, but it sure is nice when it's sunny and 75 and we're on the Greenbelt sans visitors who don't know where they're going or that they should pick up after their dogs.

.What cool Idaho draws would you add to the list?