First off, for my birthday each year, I ask that the house gets decorated for Christmas. Anything else is frosting on the cake.

We here at 107.9 Lite FM, started playing Christmas Music November 20th. This year more than any, I think we need the true Christmas spirit to be alive. But we've become a country where the few rule over the many.  The United States of America is no longer a republic where the majority are heard most, it's a place where someone who has a bug in a certain place gets their way.

Christmas 1

Thinking of how the minority rule the majority, we really shouldn't be playing Christmas music right now.  See roughly 90% of people want Christmas music now, especially this year. About 7% want to wait until after Thanksgiving and 3% don't want to hear it at all. So if we go by today's rules, we should never play Christmas music at all, ever, never, don't put it on the air what-so-ever.

To some, saying "Merry Christmas" is offensive and should never be said. It's a world gone crazy with too much PC.  Yes we need some, but isn't "Christmas Spirit" the best PC you could ever have?  Being in the "Christmas Spirit" means you have goodwill to all mankind, it means you love without conditions, you care and give.  So isn't Christmas really the ultimate PC.

Jesus, who Christmas is named after, never turned his back on anyone. He gave everyone a choice and even when they didn't choose him, he never told them, "That's it, no more chances." Jesus always left the door open, he never judged someone, he didn't want to close that door.

Christmas 2

So to each and everyone of you, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and we hope you enjoy the round the clock Christmas Music.No matter how few of you don't want to hear it, especially now, there are way more of us that do, and for that matter, we need it more than ever.

Kevin Mee

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