Cinderella: The Movie [VIDEO]
Disney has remade Cinderella. We didn't know it needed a remake...until we watched the movie trailer. Yep, it needed it because this looks so good! Watch here:
How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need?
We are told to get 8 hours of sleep. It's what we need, it's most healthy, it's best. Is it? Nope. Not for everyone. The amount of sleep you need is based on your age. Look for your age and plan for a good snooze tonight:
Secrets: Do You Always Tell Your Significant Other?
When someone tells you something in confidence, is it assumed you'll tell your significant other? Do you? A friend of mine assumed that's what I did in my relationship. So, when I was shocked to hear their "secret", the friend got mad at me thinking I was acting because I…
She Makes $5 Million Opening Disney Toys
Nobody knows her real name, where she's from or even what she looks like. All anyone knows is the look of her hands and her voice. Oh, and the fact that she brought in $4.9 million for recording herself opening Disney toys. Yep, that's it.

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