Super Bowl

Why The Broncos Will Win the Super Bowl
Sometimes things are just meant to be.  The stars line up, circumstances fall into place, and life works out perfectly.
On that note, in this silly little trash-talkin' blog, see why the Panthers don't have a chance this Sunday!
These Super Bowl Players Have Idaho Ties
The commercials, the halftime show, and the snacks!  There are so many important things to absorb during the Super Bowl.  Oh, and the game too.  Even though the Seahawks aren't playing, we can kinda feel like we're cheering for the home team.  A handful of pla…
Watch it Online
The Super Bowl is kind of a big deal.  And up until recently, if you had to work during the game or someone who wasn't in their right mind planned a kids' birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday, you probably had to miss the game.  No TV, no Super Bowl.  But that's all…
My Super Bowl Prediction
I think Marshawn Lynch will wind up as one of the biggest winners of the Super Bowl regardless of how things shake out in the BIG game for his team.