The "Who Is Santa" Conversation
I want to give plenty of warning here...this is NOT a conversation for the kiddos.  In fact, if you're looking with young kids, let me recommend you hit back and skip this page for now.
Christmas Music Kickoff at RC Willey!
RC Willey hosted the 107.9 LITE FM Christmas music kickoff at their showroom off of Eagle Rd. and Franklin! Kevin and Brenda gave away some pretty cool prizes. There was even an appearance from the big man himself, Santa Clause! He and the Mrs...
Rudy's Nose May Glow - But Prancer Is Cuter!

The magical thing about the Christmas season is you just never know who...or what...may be flying in for a visit!  Today Prancer stopped by 107.9 Lite FM to chat about Santa's big delivery night and she helped tidy up our shrubs too!
Little Girl Keeps Santa Company At Restaurant
As we kick off the Christmas season playing our holiday favorites all day long, I found this story fitting to share. 3-year-old Gracie Lynn Wilson was eating at a restaurant with her mom when she saw Santa sitting alone at a table. Gracie decided that she didn't want St. Nick eating breakfast b…