5 Things You Didn't Know About Boise's Quinn's Pond
Anyone look at the forecast for Friday?! We're going to very, very close to a record high again. City pools in Boise are closed and a safe float season is likely a couple weeks away, so chances are one of the places you're thinking about cooling down at is at Quinn's Pond!
'COVID Campers' are Selling Like Crazy
Rolling down the highway in an RV this summer sounds like the perfect socially-distanced vacation. We can stay away from everyone else and fit a month's supply of snacks in those camper cabinets.
Face Mask Breath is an Unexpected Problem
It doesn't take long to discover that wearing a face mask ensures we're going to have an even closer relationship with our own breath. Even if it's not bad breath, it's more noticeable than ever, and that can get on our last nerve.

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