Top 10 Indoor Places to Take Treasure Valley Kids
While we are getting closer and closer to spring here in the Treasure Valley we are just not quite there yet. If your little ones need a little more stimulation and excitement and if you need a break from constantly trying to entertain them then this list is for you.
Idaho Inspired Dishes at Treasure Valley Restaurants
The Treasure Valley is home to some incredible restaurants with everything from classic to unique cuisine. Today we are going to focus on Idaho inspired dishes that are either newly available or have been local staples for decades. What should I add to the list?
Man Wins $10,000 On Nampa Playground
Four days ago, New Yorker Kristian House listened to a podcast about treasure hunts with large cash prizes up for grabs. One of these is called the Great U.S. Treasure Hunt. Clues were initially published in October in an ebook available on Amazon...
Christmas Themed Fun Comes To Nampa
As a parent, I love to find things to do around the Treasure Valley with the entire family. There are favorites of the kids like Wahooz and Roaring Springs, Zoo Boise, and the Boise Aquarium. Last week, the city of Nampa announced a change to one of its great family attractions that are sure to be a…
Eddie Van Halen's Treasure Valley History
For 80's music fans, hearing the news about rocker Eddie Van Halen's passing was terrible. In a year that has seen so much loss, sadness, and pain, his death just adds to the awful year we're having. Van Halen was always a band that I loved hearing on the radio...

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