Moms Should Be Making $94,000 Per Year
Moms, if you received a gift for Mothers Day that truly matched your value, you got a big fat check close to six figures. Moms roll a dozen jobs into one every day, but there's one that's worth more than all the others.
See Mom Fight Off Carjackers
A Florida mom stopped carjackers from stealing her car with her two children in the backseat.  The three men tried to jack another car at the station, but the driver locked the doors and stopped them.  So the carjackers went to the next car and started to steal it, problem was, Momma bear.…
The Grinchess That Stole Halloween
This family was gone for Halloween and didn't want "trick-or-treaters" to miss out.  So they put candy out with a sign to be polite.  Most kids were, but one mom...well see for yourself.  This happened in San Diego.
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