Kevin and Brenda

(This selfie is available for purchase...)
Since man first had precious items, or at least NFL collectibles he thought were precious, he needed keys.  Now of course keys are needed for everything, basically because if we don't keep them in our control they will walk off...
Thanks Lagertha
I told you about the basketball game and how Lagertha tried to take my head off.  If you didn't, see "I Hate Monday," because you will want to know how I jacked up my hand.
I went home after playing ball at Axiom rather than going to the doctor...
My Real Feelings On Stuff
We've been asked to share more of ourselves, so here goes. I think people who have cancer shouldn't have to pay anything more than what their insurance covers.
Rodeo Queens Playing With Inflatable Toys
Saturday January 31st was the Canyon County Kids Expo at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho.  Brenda invited the various rodeo queens to come out and help with the kids coloring section, taking pictures with people, signing autographs, things like that...
Sunset From Our Front Porch
I was walking in Saturday night after cleaning the barn when I was met with this view.  It's moments like this that make me appreciate the Treasure Valley.  If you listen to the end you will hear a flock of geese fly over.  This is only a few seconds of what we never take for gra…
Hear The IRS Scam Call, Here
I was at Axiom in Meridian yesterday, when I got a scam call (Silly Scammers)  so I recorded the call and then proceeded to call both the number they left.

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