Inner Diva

LITE has a Holly Jolly Workout!
Today LITE celebrated another Christmas in July with Inner Diva by having a healthy morning workout. Brenda Mee got up bright and early to help raise money for Christmas Wish and burn some calories. The crowd was positively electric and everyone was full of energy...
I Kept It Off!
Yesterday KTVB News Channel 7 sent their reporter Dean Johnson over to chat with me about the St. Luke's $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge.
Half Time Challenge Video
Back in January the instructors at Inner Diva challenged me to perform in a halftime dance at the March 27th Idaho Stampede Basketball game.
Divas Dance & Donate!
"Mucho gracias" to everyone who Zumba'd with us at Inner Diva in Meridian Thanksgiving day and donated to our Christmas Wish program and the Meridian Food Bank!

100 percent of your donations will help local families here in the Treasure Valley
Turkey Day Zumba Party!

Zumba Party At Inner Diva to Benefit "Christmas Wish"
Co-ed event ages 12+
Check in begins at 8:30 am
9 am - 10 am  Thanksgiving Morning - Zumba Party!
Tickets $10.00 and please bring one food item for the Meridian Food Bank
Inner Diva is near the southeast corner of Locust Grove and Fairview i…
Live Long and Zumba!
WTH?   I can explain.   Last Saturday night at Inner Diva we had a co-ed "Dance of the Decades" party.  Since I had to have a date that meant I had to bait the hook.  So, I told Kevin that if he would go and participate I would wear the Star Trek costu…
Find what you love and then DO IT!
I figured out a while ago that if I don't like something I won't do it and magnify that by 10 when it comes to exercising!  Find what challenges you, makes you sweat and is something you look forward to doing 5 to 6 times a week.