How A 50-Cent Coin Sent Me Into An Emotional Spiral
This morning, I woke up, felt healthy, and vibrant. I ate my breakfast and headed into work. I thought that the only thing that could make the morning better would be a diet soda. I walked over to the soda machine in our break room, reached into my pocket, and pulled out all of my change...
Boise's Top 5 Gyms According To Yelp!
This month some friends and I have decided to keep ourselves accountable by doing a weight loss competition. As a competitive person, I know that it will take something like this to lose the 20 pounds that I want to lose, so I jumped at the chance to participate...
Should Daylight Saving Time End For Good?
Daylight Saving Time has been around since 1966, and every time we lose an hour of sleep we get mad and want it to go away. It turns out, even gaining an hour of sleep is bad for us, and that's why one group is calling for an end to clock changes.

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