We Name It: Idaho's Official Exercise
We have an official flag, an official flower and an official bird... now it's looking like we need to choose an official exercise. What area of fitness do you think defines Idaho as a state?
Find what you love and then DO IT!
I figured out a while ago that if I don't like something I won't do it and magnify that by 10 when it comes to exercising!  Find what challenges you, makes you sweat and is something you look forward to doing 5 to 6 times a week.
Beating fitness plateaus
Last Friday we had Trainer Mike Hilderbrandt in from Axiom Fitness.  We talked about falling off the fitness wagon and how to get back on without beating yourself up.  It's hard to keep up a great exercise routine being a busy mom and equally busy professional.
Fun with Trainer Mike
This is the first of more videos that may help in your efforts to bring exercise into your life.  This exercise uses a simple resistance band and it works your butt muscles!
Mike Hilderbrandt is our trainer and works at Axiom Fitness on Park Center...
The Anywhere Workout
Our friends at FitOne published an article to inspire those participating in the $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge to take advantage of spare down time during the day, and we thought you would appreciate this valuable information.
Each day features a quick set of simple movements to get your body in gea…