The Night The Bomb Went Off (Part 3, The End)
Really if you are lost, go read part 1 and 2.
It takes about a minute to a minute and a half for the water to warm up in our shower, so the chance of a mishap is huge.  I held the shower head away and somehow managed to not set off the baby meets really cold water face...
The Night The Bomb Went Off (Part 2)
To recap...go read part 1.
I stood frozen in fear, with the knowledge that there was pretty well no way to disarm this bomb without collateral damage.  One way or another there was gonna' be poop somewhere.
I looked at him, hoping he would no only understand each word I was about to say, but…
The Night The Bomb Went Off (Part 1)
Rather than having daycare, we watch our grandson Emery.  He's my buddy, almost 2 and he gives us a world of laughs, love and........No, I'm not old enough to have a grandson, it's Brenda's fault.
So tonight just 10 minutes before his mom arrived home, the bomb went off...