Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  I saw this article from ABC News this morning and it’s so incredibly cute.  There’s two Second Graders from a Boston elementary school that have the steps needed to fall in love.  Leave it to the innocence of our children to get back to basics for us jaded adults!

Here’s the list that two girls came up with is pretty much right on the money.  Or not, I leave that up to you to decide.   Here are some of the steps they outlined, in order.  I omitted a few for their risqué content.  Check out the full 11 steps here.

  1. First you stare at the person.
  2. You get close to each other.
  3. You ask for a date.
  4. When you kiss, you suck and lick.
  5. Go dance, and put your noses together.
  6.  Give each other rings.
  7. Go to the pool together.

Now you have all the resources to find the love of your life….go get’ em!

- Lisa