Dear Sugar-laden Foods -- There's no easy way to say this, but I'm breaking up with you. We just can't see each other anymore.  Yes, you've been with me when I've sought comfort during dark, lonely nights. You've been the final course for a lovely meal. You've helped me celebrate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. You've even been there when I've lost all of my energy in my mid-afternoon slump.  To paraphrase "Jerry Maguire" -- I really thought that "you completed me."

But recently, I've found that we really aren't all that good for each other.  Besides being bad for my dental work, you really haven't helped me through those hard times.  In fact, my 3pm slump seems to get even WORSE when I search out something sweet.  I have a little bit of a rise in my energy and then I crash even harder.  Plus, I've become addicted to having a little "sweetness" at the end of all of my meals -- even if I'm full and wholly satisfied.

In fact, I've decided it needs to be a clean break...we are definitely not going to be "Friends with Benefits."  And don't worry, I'm not going to start seeing someone else. Those "sugar-free" substitutes aren't any better for me. I've read that people who choose "sugar-free" (think diet sodas, sugar free desserts) actually consume MORE calories than those who choose full sugar options.  Nope, this is it.  We're done.

From now on it's fresh fruits and no sugar added foods for me.  It means less food from a box and more food I've prepared.  It means reading more labels, looking for added sugars like fructose.  It means finding other options when I am lonely...or celebrating...or feeling my 3pm slump.  But I know I can do this.

So long Sugar...