Going out for a night on the town in Boise with friends is great. You can start getting ready at 10 pm, be at the club by 11:30 pm, have a late-night snack at 2:25 am, and spend all weekend nursing that hangover.

It's the best.

Or, is there a better way?

For many of us going out, the idea of staying out until 2 am feels like an insurmountable task. By 11ish, most folks over the age of 30 are ready to head home, get in bed and doom scroll for a bit. Staying out until 2 am just isn't physically possible for most humans.

Luckily, this writer has a proposal: Let's close Boise bars by 11 pm! Why such an aggressive idea? Hear me out:

  • You'd be home by 11:30 pm at the latest, meaning you could actually wake up for work the next day
  • Dinner at 7 pm, bar at 9 pm, home by 11:30 pm. You've literally had your fill of food and alcohol, and it's not even midnight yet
  • Everyone knows the really good-looking people go home early. Have you ever looked around a bar at 1:55 am? The cuties are all long gone by then

Would you be in support of bars in Boise closing early? Or do you enjoy staying out until the wee hours of the night like a vampire all hopped up on Miller Ultra? Let's see what you think and maybe, just maybe, together we can make a change for the better.

And by "for the better" I mean "me." I'm tired. 2 am is way too late.

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