With temperatures climbing to the 70's Friday and this weekend, I started to daydream about floating the Boise River today.  I know we're still a couple months away, but I went to take a look.

The currents are awesome and would make for some fun rafting, but as you can imagine, the water is incredibly cold.

In fact, we're still at least two months away from the opening of the river if it follows the pattern of years past.  Typically, Boise River floating season starts in Mid-June, and it's likely this year that will be the case as well.

Additionally, the construction of the Broadway Bridge could make things interesting depending on where the project is by that time (though it has been said plans were made to allow floating through the site).

So, we're not exactly "close" to the season, but it is one of those things about our area that is a ton of fun and worth waiting for.