Oh yes she did!  If you haven’t heard me tell the story, last September we inherited our niece from California.  She moved her because she was being bullied at school and needed a fresh start in Boise.

Since her move she’s been doing amazing.  An “A” student and recently she secured a part-time job as a lifeguard.  She wants to go to college to become a Dermatologist.

Here’s the rub...she came home last week with a nose ring.  I don’t know what you call it but this picture is pretty close to what it looks like. 

She actually did it at school with a nail. 

Um…all I can think is…STUPID!  Not only is she risking infection but she failed to ask permission from her father or me.

In this same situation, what would you do?  We’re her guardians and we do have rules and contributions she needs to make to our family but this situation leaves me without words!  I need some advice.  I’m not going to make her take it out but I want to make sure she knows she can communicate these needs/wants with us moving forward.  I guess I need to learn what battles are worth fighting for with a teenager.

Any help would be much appreciated!