You have chosen to live a more healthy lifestyle so you are now working out more, right? Common areas to focus on are your thighs, your midsection and making those arms a little more shapely. Have you thought about your face? Apparently, we've all been missing a huge part of our body - The Face. 

There is an actual place you where face fitness is the focus. It's in New York City and it's called Skin Gym Face Fitness. A group of middle-aged mothers teamed up and started the business. Co-founder Kate Gyllenhaal says, "We've got 57 muscles in our face. Working them out, training them, is just as important as the rest of the body. We like to say, 'Why stop at the neck?'"

One of the face exercises requires a tongue depressor. You kiss it. I can't say that I'd do this in public. Ever. Watch HERE.

Do you think these ladies are on to something?