I have my official "STAFF" t-shirt and I found the 107.9 Lite FM booth on the Expo Idaho  map.  This will be my first time experiencing the Boise Music Festival!  Right now I am fan girl freaking out in anticipation of seeing all the amazing talent that's flying in from all over to perform this Saturday at Expo Idaho.

If you are driving by the Expo Idaho grounds you can see that the stages and carnival rides are already being set up AND I just heard a rumor that "Train" might be LIVE in the 107.9 Lite FM studio tomorrow!!   I'll keep you updated so check back here and of course listen to 107.9 Lite FM for more details.  Tomorrow morning we'll have more chances for you to win Boise Music Festival tickets and the chance for you and a friend to go backstage to meet Train

FREE shuttle info/talent line up and tons of other info at //boisemusicfestival.com/