10 Year old Brayden Schramm had the best guess for how many Legos were on display on our table at the Canyon County Kids Expo to win Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle! 

Brayden guessed that there were 6900 Legos in the clear plastic tote box that was on our table and...the actual number of Legos = 6946.

Congratulations Brayden!

Thank you to Walmart at 10 Mile and McMillian for providing the Lego prize!

Thanks also to Joe E. for providing the mystery Lego tote box and for counting all six thousand nine hundred forty six pieces!  Our staff had no idea how many Legos were actually in the box before the Kids Expo so we had our own little competition going.   Joe E. guessed 4103, Kevin 4138 and they all rolled their eyes when I guessed 6502...yes, I did a little happy dance when I found out that I was the closest without going over!