We are no strangers to the migration of the tumbleweed in Idaho. If you haven't hit at least one tumbleweed while driving the streets or highways of Idaho then you haven't been driving long enough. They are everywhere. Earlier this year there was a pretty epic trail of traveling tumbleweeds near Mountain Home and they really are pretty fun to watch. They are even more fun to watch when they get caught up in a dust devil as witnessed recently in Washington. Matt M. McKnight posted the video on Twitter on April 30th.

That was awesome and probably only could have been cooler if the tumbleweeds were on fire. Yes, that would be dangerous but it would also be amazing. We know dust devils and tornadoes can change dramatically depending on what they pick up. We posted a video a while back of a twister that hit a pile of coal and turned into a swirling black monster, and yes, it would also have looked really cool if it were on fire. Maybe I just really like fire?

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Neither of the previous twister videos was filmed in Idaho, but it isn't out of the realm of possibilities here. We have tumbleweeds and we have a history of infrequent tornadoes, dust devils, and landspouts which could all cause some interesting scenes. Some people in Southern Idaho received an alert earlier this week of a tornado warning and we definitely have the wind today to cause some weather craziness.

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