We can't believe that the City of Boise has actually put together even MORE Christmas spirit and excitement in downtown Boise. This year, however, things are set to feel even more enhanced than ever before!

As is annual Christmas tradition, once the temperatures drop and Thanksgiving has passed, the city comes together to light up the Christmas Tree that is placed, smack dab in the middle of the Grove Plaza.

Now, that tree is about to look a lot different, as it will be surrounded by a beautifully installed ice rink--as just announced by the Downtown Boise Association.

During their State of Downtown address, the ice rink was announced as 'Glide on The Grove'--and perhaps most exciting? Skate rentals will be FREE!

The rink will be a 75-foot square space and will be able to accommodate around 90 to 100 ice skaters at a time, which will certainly be a magical touch to the already amazing Grove Plaza come Christmas time.

What is interesting, however, is that the project still needs to fundraise about $150,000 to be complete. During the presentation, however, it was never made clear if that was necessary to launch the project or if the ice rink will be going in no matter what.

Some online joked that it's about time Boise caught up with Caldwell!

We're excited to see all of this come together. Learn more about the project, HERE.

Another popular (and already established) outdoor ice rink is in Caldwell, at the downtown and ever so popular Indian Creek Plaza. 

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